Kerry Ellis

A little while ago I found myself at Charlotte Conquest’s production of Spring Awakening. I wasn’t prepared for the wonderfully sophisticated piece of theatre I saw. I was so moved by the actors who had been directed beautifully, the whole show took my breath away. Charlotte is a truly talented director who can take you in a journey and make you believe. I am a big fan.
Kerry Ellis



Charlotte is the type of director you seek out. Her work and overall vision for SPRING AWAKENING was brave and challenging. She proves that she can rework an already established piece of musical theatre, in the form of LEGALLY BLONDE, making an intellectual, fully developed and character driven piece come to life
Craig Adams


Brian Blessed


Absolutely terrific. I felt I was watching Romeo and Juliet for the first time. Outstanding direction that is ultra sensitive and original. I was transported. I urge everyone to see it
Brian Blessed




Last night I went to see Henry V at Oxford castle. I thought I’d given up Shakespeare – both directing and watching it – but my delight was rekindled by a marvellous cast, a brilliantly pared down text, vocal clarity, genuinely funny jokes, the best ‘once more unto the breech’ I have ever witnessed, fab sound design, intelligent inventive set and costumes – all motored by Charlotte Conquest’s damnably smart direction. A real treat.

Jonathan Holloway


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