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Twelfth Night

Charlotte is thrilled to announce she is directing for Guildford Shakespeare Company’s summer season 2019



Doctor Faustus

Adapted by Marianne Sævig, Charlotte Conquest and Aidan Treays

Processed with MOLDIV

Deichmanske Bibliotek, Oslo

Untitled Job 245


Romeo and Juliet

Charlotte’s production of Romeo and Juliet played in 2018. Starring Harriet Thorpe as the Nurse, with Lucy Pearson as Juliet, Ricky Oakley as Romeo

**** Raw, moving… this stylish production conveys all the play’s tragic weight while retaining a playfully light touch

The Stage

Magnificent. Director Charlotte Conquest catches all the small details as well as the bigger picture. Well worth watching

British Theatre Guide






  1. Aidan Treays says:

    Great website!!

  2. Damian Davis says:

    Charlotte continues to strive for perfection in all her work, through her insight, her passion, understanding, knowledge and above all, love for the art of pure ‘storytelling’.

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